Main Points

Our Technologies

From the vast number of existing technologies we only select the most effective ones for our work, in which we have high expertise and which enable us to deliver the best results.






Big Data



Benefits of working with us

We have a unique experience of working in the IT market and implementing Agile Software Development on projects of all levels of complexity.

  • Informing on the progress of a project
  • Following the requirements of customer's business processes
  • Taking good care of project budgets
  • Focusing on long-lasting relationships

Complex Software Development

Transforming your technical initiatives into successful software solutions

  • Developing software which meets all your business needs
  • Building automated control systems
  • Integrating them with third-party products & services
  • Creating solutions with features not available to FPP

Our Services & Solutions

We guide our customers through all the stages of the software development lifecycle from discovery phase to support and release products ready to be launched on the market.

Integrating IT into a business helps our customers optimize their operations, ultimately gaining more economic benefits.

What needs you can fulfill with the help of specialized software, ERP and CRM solutions:
— production automation
— optimization of business processes
— design of business models
— risk reduction
— decrease the number of bottlenecks
— increase of productivity
— improvement of customer service, etc.

Our experts are also ready to offer non-standard solutions that meet the needs of your business.

MOGOL has extensive experience in creating and adapting custom software, with both small projects for small businesses and large-scale solutions for big enterprises.

We provide a full turnkey software development cycle. Working on a project from idea to implementation and post-release support, we ensure the highest possible level of involvement of our team in the process. It is also possible to outsource parts of a project.

In the field of web development, we have experience in creating not only corporate websites and platforms, but also complex web-oriented services. We like creating smart solutions that have elaborate business logic and a convenient user interface for customers.

What needs you can fulfill through specialized web development:
— improving the company brand interaction with customers,
— building an external or internal network infrastructure to involve employees and customers,
— process management in the company,
— introduction of CRM-systems,
— organization of document flow,
— convenient work with data,
— graphical display of business processes,
— web service and mobile application integration.

We use various technologies and constantly improve in the following areas: PHP, Python, .Net, Go, Java, Node.js, React и Angular.

Mobile applications provide your end users, business partners, potential customers, and employees with access to your content anytime and anywhere. Therefore, mobile development is beneficial and useful for both entrepreneurs and their customers.

Advantages of mobile applications:
— an affordable and effective way to contact customers,
— your business enters the mobile market segment,
— ability to receive and provide information anytime, anywhere,
— increase of speed and reliability of business processes,
— growth of productivity and competitiveness of your business.

We offer the following services:
— development of mobile applications for Android and iOS,
— client-server solutions for business processes automation,
— turnkey mobile applications,
— applications with augmented reality,
— independent testing of mobile applications,
— development of cross-platform applications.

Want to enhance your IT department with professional developers? We offer to form a dedicated team of our full-time specialists for your project.

We provide customers with the opportunity to involve various specialists, developers and testers, in their projects. A dedicated team can work with a project manager on our or the customer’s side.

The advantage of this format is that a well-coordinated team starts to work on the project quickly and carrying out the tasks effectively. The dedicated team works according to the schedule set by the customer, and the members are fully focused on their project. Both the customer and our specialist included on the team can lead the team.

Contact us to discuss:
— team members, monthly budget, the process of assigning tasks, the process of reporting on time spent and completed tasks,
— the main means of communication with the team,
— conditions for adding/eliminating team specialists.

Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of an IT solution development life cycle. Testing is one of the quality control tools, which ensures that the system works according to the requirements and tasks.

The system’s work is considered to be standard when all target actions are performed in a predetermined manner, and security, reliability, and integration with other programs are ensured.

Our team of testers has a plethora of practical experience, which makes it possible to launch a quality solution in a given time frame. QA specialists can closely and carefully analyze your tasks and suggest the optimal combination of different types of testing.

We carry out continuous testing at every stage of software development, from the analysis of technical requirements to the implementation of a turnkey solution. QA outsourcing and a dedicated team of testers for your project are also possible.

We provide a range of services that combines various processes and methods aimed at optimizing IT infrastructure and ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation of all server system components.

DevOps is a methodology in which software developers and system engineers develop a product in close collaboration. The work of DevOps helps to quickly and reliably compile, test and release software builds. This is especially relevant in terms of startups and cloud services.

What tasks you can solve:
— faster release of a finished IT product,
— higher reliability of IT infrastructure,
— configuration and automation of software compilation,
— ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation of all components of server systems,
— remote technical support and administration.